Emulsional Worlds – practice makes perfect better

There are plenty of bad examples (for instance, almost every current VR application), but there is hope. So what determines a win vs a loss in practice? Well, end user experience ends up being king (or queen). So the proof ends up being in the emulsional pudding. While there certainly are variances based on users, we can end up seeing trends on what people like and don’t like. Remember that right now VR is still in the “gee whiz” phase, and mostly early adopters are the only ones with any time in the seat. Early adopters almost always have a high tolerance for pain with new tech, so just because a few bloggers rave about a certain experience – well, maybe take it with a grain of salt.

In the end the key is to play to the strength of the technology (knowing that sometimes unexpected use of tech is the most interesting approach), and don’t try and do too much. Biting off small chunks is probably a good idea, especially when you factor in the multiple uncanny valleys and other variables. Pick something that you’d like to experience and create it. Then see how it works. Experimentation is the only way to make any headway, and above all, we should be playing heavily.